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Aliexpress (aliexpress.com) – Internet platform, which is aimed at end users who want to buy goods from China on producer prices in retail.

Book on Aliexpress and pay for their purchases in China can be through cards – MasterCard, Visa, system – WebMoney, MoneyBookers, QIWI, bank transfer, etc. Marketplace ALIEXPRESS is an intermediary between the end buyer and seller.

How to find a product on Aliexpress ?

Although Aliexpress – multi lingual portal product search is carried out in English. The search string entered name of the desired product. For more accurate results, you can select the desired category.
Results of the search portal ALIEXPRESS appear on the next page. To determine the cost of shipping goods to you, you need to drop down menu «Ship to» select the desired country in «Shipping Method» choose the postal service, and you can select the menu «Select Deliver» free shipping. After registration, select the country every time not have to!

How to choose a product Aliexpress and reliable seller?

Gold Supplier – proved a registered dealer who has earned the trust. This seller has provided full ALIEXPRESS about your company and information about themselves, and paid $ 3000 a year for membership in Aliexpress u Premium society.

Prices for goods portal ALIEXPRESS specified for the minimum lot. For example, US $ 127.25 – 139.27 / piece Min. Order: 1 piece implies that the minimum lot – 1st place (may contain several products) worth 139.27 US $. The more parties you order, the cheaper they will cost.
On ALIEXPRESS, on the product page will always find a buyer description, price depending on the ordered consignment, and the details of the performance rating, the rating of the product itself, payment methods, shipping costs, as well as reviews about the product and about the seller. Also, if the seller online ALIEXPRESS online with it available to chat by clicking on «Contact the Supplier» – «Chat now!». Dealers or employees of all versions of Ali Eksress speak English.
Pay for your order on the buyer may Aliexpress convenient way to him: MasterCard, Visa, system – WebMoney, MoneyBookers, QIWI, bank transfer, etc.


The site Aliexpress valid Secure payment Escrow. That is, the seller does not receive payment for the goods purchased by you as long as you do not confirm the receipt of the goods and the proper quality. Only after that the seller receives payment. If the goods have not come of good quality, then you can open a dispute and contact the seller to take one of several options out of an unpleasant situation (return to the seller or compensation for partial or full cost of the goods).

Trade aliexpress com order
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